Pizza in Mexico or Mexican Pizza

pizza in mexico

Mexico City

When my son and I were in Mexico City for the first time, amidst all the delicious cultural food choices, Aidan asked for pizza. I obliged and thus the quest began. While waiting for our order, we wondered if we would be treated to pizza similar to the kind we eat in Canada or would it have Mexican flavouring and thus be Mexican Pizza. To Aidan’s satisfaction, it was definitely Pizza in Mexico.


Dining with generous Cubans

Nearly four months later, we travelled to a resort in Santa Lucia, Cuba. In a rather poor area near the resort, where many locals live, a Canadian friend of mine was staying with family friends. The family invited us to a delicious home cooked Cuban meal with multiple courses, turning out to be the best meal we had in Cuba.


Horse-drawn carriage ride, Santa Lucia, Cuba

A few days later, we took a ride on a horse-drawn carriage to return to the small village with a few tokens of our appreciation. In our daytime tour of the community, Aidan pointed out a small restaurant among the houses. “Mom, pizza in Cuba, or Cuban pizza?” We convinced the driver to stop while we ran in and ordered from the limited selection.



Pizza restaurant, Santa Lucia, Cuba

The owner took Aidan to the back of the restaurant to see the pizza being cooked over an open fire, and not in a pizza oven. The dough was more dense and once cooked, it was folded in half to be eaten. Both the ham and cheese had a very distinct taste and there was no tomato sauce. The cheese was strong and not stringy the way we typically have it in Canada. The verdict; without a doubt, Cuban Pizza! Not something Aidan was familiar with or much enjoyed, which meant we had lots to share with our driver.

My Colombian friend tells me that the pizza in his country is simply the best! Since I wasn’t able to sample any during my last trip there, it’s on the list when we tour through South America. Stayed tuned for the results!