The Journey Begins

After nearly 16 years of being an Educator in Canada’s largest school board, my dream is near. From my solid roots as a youth counsellor, born and raised in comfy Canada, I plan to leave it all behind to see what the rest of the world lives like. Well, maybe not all of the rest of the world, but surely some of it.

In approximately nine months from today, I will be starting a year-long leave from my job. My plan… pack up a few necessities and my 8-year-old son and trek down to South America. We will be exposed to new cultures and explore new environments on our extended multi-national, kid-friendly voyage. With “muy poco” Spanish and a small amount of money, it will be our greatest experiment in experiential learning.

At Compass of Courage, we will chronicle the journey … past, present and future. We will provide readers with insights about unique and exotic places we visit and stories about our successes and challenges. Along the way, I’ll share my best tips for travelling to international destinations on a budget, solo with a child. No children yet? No problem. Our interests are fairly universal and will appeal to a variety of travellers – who wouldn’t want to trek through Patagonia in search of the next big dinosaur find? — besides, I do still travel solo from time to time.

So if you’re consumed by wanderlust, have the perpetual travel bug or enjoy a good adventure story, we invite you to join us on our travels as we are guided by our ‘Compass of Courage’!

Kim and Aidan




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