Cheering on Colombia during the 2014 World Cup

Hi my name is Aidan. Right now I am 9 years old and am enjoying my summer off in Toronto! My favourite non-electronic thing to do is daydream. Although, my iPad is my most prized possession. On my iPad, I love to play games and watch shows. My favourite games are role play games where I explore and complete missions. I love Pokémon, Minecraft, Spore, Dragon City and Monster Legends.

When I can’t do that, my favourite sport to play is soccer. I really enjoyed following the world cup this year. I am happy about who won the 2014 tournament, but was also cheering for Argentina. I have a green belt (double black stripe) in Karate and after one more grading, I will have a brown belt, that is, if I pass. I also like to swim, which is one of the things I am looking forward to when we travel.


Enjoying a mug of butter beer in front of Honey Dukes, Florida

My parents consider me a pretty good student. My favourite subject is gym but I like science a lot. I find math fairly easy but writing is a bit difficult for me, which makes math a bit hard since you have to write in math. I am a big reader and to me, reading is kind of like daydreaming. I have read the Harry Potter books but haven’t seen any of the movies yet since I’ve been waiting for my mom to catch up to my dad and finish reading the books! I even went to the Harry Potter Land in Florida, which I am hoping to tell you all about here.

One of the things I like to eat is California Rolls but I am just as happy with a plate of pasta or a yummy ice-cream cone. I have a bit of a hard time trying new foods, but sometimes I like them after I try.

I am very much looking forward to travelling to South America since I definitely want to go to explore the dinosaur sites. I think I will miss my friends at school but I make friends easily and will see my friends when I get back to Toronto. Who knows, maybe with all of this technology, we might be able to keep in touch when I am out of the country. I will be contributing to our site through my travel blog on YouTube at Compass of Courage. Come check me out there!



A small cafe in Polanco, Mexico City

Hi. I’m Kim; an idealist who firmly believes that the world can be a better place and who thinks we all have a role in making it so. This is a challenge I put out to the youth I work with, and is without a doubt, a concept that I spend a great deal of time considering.

Unlike my son, I’d hardly describe myself as a day dreamer (his dad is more than happy to take credit for that trait). That is, I don’t find myself wandering off into imagined scenarios, I naturally spend my thinking time considering how to get things done. I’m an innovator of sorts and love to find easier or better ways of doing things. You might think from that description that I should have 4 degrees, speak several languages and be wealthy beyond imagination. Well, I’m humbled to say, that is far from the truth. I’d consider myself a fairly regular individual who is, like most, just “trying to get stuff done”. Juggling work, a child, bills, and mundane things like laundry and meal planning.

Despite the fact that I truly love my job, my family and my city, I’ve come to understand that “just getting stuff done” doesn’t fully contribute to my overall happiness. So, the innovator in me has devised a plan to build things into my life that make me happy. In this project, I’ll be doing two of the things that achieve  just that; spending time with my son and travelling.

As a young child my parents made sure we went on vacation or outings each summer. Our vacations were typically local and always within Ontario, with the exception of regular visits to our grandparents home in Michigan. We explored many of the local sites like the must-see picturesque Niagara Falls and camped many times near the beautiful Sandbanks Provincial Park in Picton. Though these vacations were enjoyable, they always left me questioning what we might find if we went just a little further. I always had this feeling of wanting to go beyond to see what was around the bend.


In my youth, I took my camping experience to the next level and left the car/camper behind to do hiking and eventually canoe expeditions in Northern Ontario. When I was given the chance to work one summer as an out-tripping instructor in the rugged Mont Tremblant area of Quebec, I jumped at the chance. These were fulfilling journeys where I found pure enjoyment in the quiet of the vast Canadian wilderness. I have since travelled to many provinces and states but continued to question what was beyond.


Elora Gorge, Ontario, Canada

When driving north from Toronto the bright deciduous trees start to fade for the dense Evergreens, the earth gives way to expose the hard rock of the Canadian Shield and the glistening bodies of water seem to dot the entire landscape. This is by far one of the most fascinating things about travelling for me. I love witnessing the shifts from region to region and noting the variable architecture that goes along with the changes in geography. But in my early 20’s, I discovered another reason to love travel. As a Toronto born girl, I was raised mostly in the suburbs and in those days, there was a much smaller international population. Once I moved back to Toronto for school and work I became immersed in the multicultural aspects of Toronto. A whole new world opened up for me. I soaked up what I could about food, customs and people of other cultures and really enjoyed this. Prior to moving back to Toronto, if someone asked me where I’d like to go, I’d most likely focus on places like Australia for their ocean and beaches (my son says I am most certainly a water-type Pokémon). Now, I find it hard to answer that question. I can’t really imagine anywhere I wouldn’t like to go.

El Tajin, Veracruz, Mexico


Since it wasn’t until 2011 that I got my first official stamp on my passport, I know I have some catching up to do if I’m going to travel the world. Next stop: South America! Join us if you dare on this journey to brave the world and who knows, maybe you’ll witness us innovative a way to do some world-changing along the way!

Welcome to our site!






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